Disaster Fund

The disaster on March 11, 2011 was enormous.  JAUW members immediately raised funds and contributed one million yen to the Miyagi Prefectural Community Chest.  This campaign grew into the Disaster Fund and, thanks to the national and international contributors, the Fund is now in its 5th year of running.  So far, we have provided monthly allowances to 20 high school students who lost their parent(s).

Letter from Yuki                                                                                  June15, 2015

First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Japanese Association of University Women (JAUW) for the scholarship given to me over the past two years.

Looking back, the two years in the university have been quite fruitful in spite of my shortcomings.  I did my best in studies, committees, club activities, part-time jobs and so on.  As I am in the third year now, I have more specialty classes to attend, which are more difficult and require more time to study.  Accordingly, I can spare less time for part-time jobs to reimburse my tuition as well as to support myself.  Besides, with my sister entering a university this year, my parents bear more financial cost.

However, I am free from any worries.  Instead, I can devote myself to studies because the JAUW has supported me.  I owe it to the members of the JAUW who have given me steady aid for the two years and whomever concerned with the scholarship program.  I am so grateful to you all.  Thank you so much.

My dream is to design and develop universal-design products; goods easy to use for anybody regardless of age, nationality, race, sex, etc. Toward this target, I want to gain necessary knowledge and technique now.  The kindness of all those who have helped me and my gratitude to them will always remain in my heart, and with that I will strive harder toward my dream.


 ※ The Disaster Fund scholarship rule defines that in case the recipient
 continues her/his education, the term of the scholarship shall be extended
for two years until she/he becomes 20  years of age.


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